Code of Ethics

We will serve our clients and candidates faithfully, with integrity and professional responsibility.

We will observe the highest principles of honesty and fair practice in dealing with our clients and candidates and will respect their confidentiality in accordance with the law and good business practice.

We will strictly adhere to both the spirit and the letter of all applicable human rights laws, employment laws and regulations.

We will treat all candidates without prejudice and will not accept any instructions from a client that is discriminatory in any way.

We will take all reasonable steps to provide our clients with accurate information on every candidate's employment qualifications and experience.

We will supply candidates with complete and accurate information as provided by our client regarding employment terms and workplace conditions.

We will never recruit, encourage or entice any employee of our client with the purpose of placing that employee.

We will derive our income only from our clients and will make no direct or indirect charges to our candidates.

We will maintain the highest standards of integrity in all forms of advertising, communications and solicitations.

We will conduct our business in a manner designed to enhance the image and reputation of the recruitment industry.

We will recognize and respect the rights of our competitors in the true nature of free enterprise and shall refrain from engaging in acts of unfair competition.